Review Guidelines

When reviewing products, we aim to give you, the reader or intended purchaser, our unbiased and in-depth product analysis so that you can make the most informed decision on your intended purchase.

We aim to ensure we go into as much relevant detail as possible while staying consistent with relevant information.

All reviews follow the same multi-step process (as outlined below) to ensure that all published content meets the highest standards.

Review and editorial Process

Before a piece of media at is published, there are several stages an article must go through; this editorial procedure ensures that all content (articles, video, and social media) is of the highest standard and error-free. Our editorial and review cycle is as follows:

  1. Subject Matter: Expert Writer researches the relevant topic
  2. Outline and draft written
  3. Draft reviewed and fact-checked by medical or fitness expert, appropriate changes made
  4. Final draft produced
  5. Editorial review
  6. Media (Article/Video/Social media post) published

Review Guidelines What we do

During the review process, the below considerations and editorial guidelines are followed.

Regulatory Advice

Any guidance from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the equivalent body in other countries, such as the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory  Agency (MHRA) in the United Kingdom, is taken into account. We will highlight the relevant guidance and how that may differ from the latest longevity and Biohacking research and trends where appropriate.

Product Reviews at

While all reviews we write at are only of products we have personally used and tested, if we are talking or comparing with other products, we may draw on different sources to make a comparison, such as existing reviews of competing products, expert advice as well as the advice of members of the community. If we make review comparisons against a product we have not used, we will mention this in the article or review and provide details of the source of the comparison.  

Brand History

We consider and discuss brand history for all reviews, including details such as previous recalls and manufacturing issues. We only recommend products from reputable companies with proven and backed-up quality standards.

Quality & Safety

We only recommend products such as supplements from companies with a proven safety track record and publish publicly available 3rd party analysis certificates from a known testing company.

Review Pricing

While we sometimes recommend premium products, in these cases, we will clearly state the benefits of why we would justify a more expensive or superior product. In most cases, different-priced or featured products will suit different people, so we may recommend other products and clearly show which would fit different circumstances.

Review Guidelines What We Don’t Do


We don’t do sponsored reviews, i.e., we won’t write a review in exchange for monetary compensation. At the same time, we may allow sponsored posts for announcements of new products; it will always be declared up front that the post was paid for or that we were compensated in some way, including travel.

Ethical Topics

We will never recommend that a product tested on animals be produced with harmful chemicals or if the brand has conducted ethical practices or behaviour.