NMN Dosage Calculator

One of the more common questions I get asked on Facebook and this website is how to calculate the optimal daily dosage of NMN. As NMN is very new in the longevity space, many studies still need to be carried out to determine the optimal dosage from a safety and efficacy point of view; however, based on a Japanese study, I put together the below NMN dosage calculator.

I strongly recommend you use this calculator in conjuction with my guide titled How Much NMN Should I Take? A Guide to Finding Your Optimal NMN Dosage

NMN Dosage Calculator

Adding further weight to the accuracy of the above calculator and the formula outlined in the above-referenced study, in early 2023, Dr David Sinclair mentioned in the India Today forum that he takes half a gram daily of NMN, about Dr David Sinclairs Supplement list and view the part of David Sinclair’s presentation mentioning he takes a half gram daily of NMN.

If you use this calculator, it is for educational purposes only, and you should make any decisions regarding supplements and dosage in conjunction with your medical practitioner; this calculator only uses body weight to calculate NMN dose and doesn’t consider age or other factors such as age or lifestyle. I will update this calculator as the results of more studies are released.

More details on the source I used to create the NMN Dosage Calculator:

Given that 100 mg/kg/day of NMN was able to mitigate most age-associated physiological declines in mice, an equivalent surface area dose for humans would be ~8 mg/kg/day (Freireich et al., 1966), providing hope to translate our findings to humans.

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