A picture of two bowls one containing NMN Capsules the other containing NMN Powder with the words how much NMN should I take?

How Much NMN Should I Take? A Guide to Finding Your Optimal NMN Dosage

Discover your perfect NMN dosage with our expert guide! Uncover the secrets to boosting your vitality and aging gracefully. Click for your personalized regimen! This Guide coveres how to decide on an optimal starting dose of NMN and then how to personalize your dose so you are taking just enough to meet your health and longevity goals.

A container of NMN powder with a dosage scoop and the words how to take NMN powder

How to Take NMN Powder for Maximum Longevity Benefit

This deep dive goes into how to take NMN Powder for Maximum Longevity benefit, some of the areas I cover include NMN Powder vs NMN Capsules including the advantages and disadvantages of both, Measuring a dose of NMN powder, Dosage timing plus much more

A runner next to the writing NMN for Athletic Performance

Taking NMN for Athletic Performance

Learn about the latest research into the role of NMN for Athletic Performance, this article distils the latest research on the topic revealing how it benefits the human body for Athletic and Sports performance.

An image NMN Supplement and the Brain

Overview of NMN as a Cognitive Support Supplement

We explore the potential beneits of NMN as a Cognitive Support Supplement, from improving memory to research of its effects of Alzheimer’s Disease. Find out from the latest research how NMN can improve cognitive and brain function as well as how and if it can improve you memory.

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NMN and Healthy Aging: A Close Look at the Latest Human Trial Findings

We delve into the results of the latest human trial on NMN revealing the benefits to human health and what you can do to take advantage of this information, looking specifcally at if NMN raises NAD Levels in the blood, its impact on physical performance, blood biological age and insulin resistance (HOMA-IR Index).

A Cancer Cell - is there a link between NMN supplementation and Cancer

Does NMN Cause Cancer? A Review of the Current Research

We delve into the latest research on whether NMN causes cancer or if any evidence shows it can provide any protection, I examine the latest research showing that cancer is not a concern for people that take NMN, infact evidence shows a reduction in cancer rates for those taking it.

Storing my DoNotAge NMN Powder in the refrigerator to maximise life

How to Store NMN: Mistakes to Avoid and Best Practices to Follow

Learn how I store NMN powder correctly to its potency and effectiveness. This article provides expert advice from scientists and manufacturers, as well as tips and tricks from a long-time NMN user. Find out how to avoid common mistakes and get the most out of your NMN supplement.

Calculating the Dosage of NMN with Calculator and digital scales

NMN Dosage Calculator

Start your NMN journey with our dosage calculator. As research is ongoing, let our tool guide you towards a personalized dose. When most biohackers first start taking NMN they are often unsure of a starting dosage, my NMN dosage calculator will give you a great starting dose from which you can tweak up or down based on advice from my other guides.

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DoNotAge Coupon Code

Our exclusive article on how to save the most when purchasing NMN and other supplements from DoNotAge.