Ben Hoffman

Longevity Writer


  • Longevity Writer focused on Anti-Aging and Longevity.
  • Expertise rooted in personal biohacking journey and extensive research in the longevity field.
  • Work featured on platforms such as Medium, Reddit, and LongevityFAQ.


Ben Hoffman is a specialized Longevity Writer whose writing resonates with those above 30, especially biohackers embarking on their longevity and biohacking journey. All his articles draw from his personal experiences in the biohacking realm, complemented by quantifiable tests, comparisons, and meticulous analysis of the latest research in longevity and anti-aging protocols. Besides his writing, Ben is deeply passionate about luxury and Asian travel, reveling in long walks and keeping fit. His interests also extend to the fields of technology and language learning. As a forward-looking individual, Ben is currently focused on building online tools aimed at assisting longevity enthusiasts and biohackers to reach their longevity objectives.


Ben completed his Advanced Diploma in Information Technology from Charles Darwin University. Recognizing the importance of continued learning, Ben further pursued and earned a Certificate in Longevity and Biohacking Coaching, fortifying his commitment to the field.

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