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How Much NMN Should I Take? A Guide to Finding Your Optimal NMN Dosage

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How Much NMN Should I Take? It’s important because too little may not give you the benefits you’re looking for, and too much and you are just throwing away LOTS of money $$$$.

While many longevity experts and researchers take 1,000 mg daily (including Dr David Sinclair until recently), I strongly advocate that everyone is different, so we need our own personalized NMN dosage. If you read until the end, I will give you the same method I use to to get determine the most effective daily dosage of NMN.

Ben’s quick take on this topic:

No, there is no specific recommended daily intake of NMN as it varies based on individual factors like age, weight, and health conditions. Personalizing your NMN dosage is crucial for optimal effectiveness and avoiding potential side effects.

Also you have read this article please leave a comment below, as I would love to answer your questions on this process, and also improve this article based on both good and bad feedback.

Key Takeaways

  • Use the resutls from our NMN dosage calculator to get an estimated effective NMN dose.
  • People 35 and under shouldn’t need to supplement with NMN unless, you have specific health conditions or have low NAD+ levels.
  • Each person’s journey to finding the right amount of NMN is personal.
  • Don’t follow the NMN dosage of anyone else workout your personalized NMN dosage.
  • Use this article in conjuction with The Ultimate NMN Supplementation Guide What are its Benefits, Side-Effects, Dosage & Cost?

Why You Should Forget About Recommended NMN Dosages

Unfortunatly I cannot tell you how much nmn to take daily, and you should disregard blanket NMN dosage recommendations because your body’s needs are unique and will differ significantly from the general guidelines.

Finding your optimal NMN dosage depends on individual factors that vary from person to person. Just think everyone is different from age, weight, height, medical condtions, and genetics so to follow a dosage that might be working for someone else is not a good idea.

Before starting any new supplement, chat with a healthcare professional. At a minimum, they should be able to help interpret research and literature on the topic, and if they don’t have a clue it might be the time to start looking for someone that is, or able to study up on the subject.

General NMN Dosage Guidelines

While I preach that everyone should create their own personalized NMN dosage, which will fluctuate as your health, age and lifestyle changes most people will end up with a daily dosage of between 500mg and 1,000mg per day.

To start this process I recommend everyone heads over to my NMN dosage calculator and enter their weight in either Kilograms or Pounds, and take note of this, as then complete the rest of my process below where I show you how to fine tune this dose based on other factors like Age and current NAD+ Levels.

NMN Dosage Calculator

Factors to Consider When Determining the Recommended Daily Dosage of NMN

Several factors influence your personalized dosage of NMN; however, from what I have found, will change from your results from the NMN dosage calculator. Below are the NMN dosage factors that must be considered when planning to optomize NAD levels for longevity.

NMN in Diet Vs Supplements

In comparing NMN from your diet with supplements, it’s essential to understand that the concentrations you’ll receive from natural sources are significantly lower. NMN supplements can provide higher doses of NMN, so while you will recieve some NMN naturally in your diet, its not going to be enough to significantly impact your health or determining your personalized NMN dose, however for refernce here are some key points related to NMN in Diet vs Supplemenation:

  • NMN is a naturally occurring molecule found in small amounts in foods.
  • Dietary ingredient levels of NMN in natural sources aren’t enough for substantial anti-aging effects.
  • NMN supplements can offer a more precise dosage compared to dietary sources.
  • The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) doesn’t regulate supplements as strictly as medications.
  • Always check the purity and testing standards of any NMN supplement before use.

From the research I have done on the topic, I follow this: I don’t try to count the NMN from foods; I work out my NMN dosage separately per my method below; my main factor is ensuring I source high-quality NMN from a trusted source (staying away from Amazon, ebay, and other similar online sellers including Chinese market places like AliExpress, etc).

NMN and Health Conditions

Considering your body’s unique health conditions is crucial in determining the right NMN dosage for you. Different health issues might need different NMN doses. For instance, if you’ve got metabolic disorders, NMN could help. It’s been shown to increase NAD levels which is key for energy production. This might also improve insulin sensitivity.

Now, clinical trials are still figuring out all the potential benefits. Remember, what works for one person mightn’t for another. So, it’s crucial you work out your personalized dosage. It’s also essential that you discuss NMN supplementation with your healthcare professional. From personal experience, I know they don’t know much about the topic. Still, they should be able to help you interpret the appropriate literature, studies, and research on the subject to help you apply it to your health conditions.

NMN Dosage and Age

Did you know every 20 years, your NAD+ levels drop by 50%? Because NAD+ is critical to power our cells and maintain DNA integrity, for my personal longevity stratagy I am supplementing with the NAD+ precurcor NMN to hopefully increase my healthspann and lifespan. As NAD+ levels fall as they do I will be increasing my NMM dosage as I age and think it’s important for everyone supplemeting with NMN to also consider when you are formulating your personal NMN dosage strategy, while you may not be 60. 70 or 80 years old yet it’s important to think about how you plan to boost your NAD levels as you age, so you have a well though out plan.

See the chart I created showing how NAD levels decline as we age.

a line graph showing how NAD levels decline as we age by LongevityFAQ.com

Personalizing Your NMN Dosage

When I started taking NMN, figuring out the right dose was key. the strategy here is to determine your estimated effective dose based on weight and age, but start with a lower dose then slowly build up to your estimated effective dose over a period of time (as an example I am going to use four weeks). This dosage is then tweeked based on NAD+ level testing, and other factors which I will more detail below.

As a reminder, the below strategy is not a recommendation strategy, it’s what I would do if I was starting my longevity journey again from the start with the knowledge I now have. You are free to follow this but please adapt for your personal circumstances and with your doctor.

Determining Your Starting NMN Dosage

To determine a starting dosage of NMN is as simple as adding your weight into my NMN dosage calculator (in either kilograms or pounds) the calculator will output an estimated effective dosage of NMN.

As this esimated effective dosage is only based on body weight I would adjust the estimated effective dosage as follows based on age:

  • 35-54 Years old keep NMN dosage as provided by calculator.
  • 55-65 Years old add an additional 50% to the calculated dosage.
  • 65+ Years old add an additional 100% to the calculated dosage.

I would recommend slowly increasing your NMN dosage over four weeks on the first week starting with a quater of the age adjusted effective dosage, then each week increase the dose by another quarter (25%).

For example if my estimated effective dosage is 500mg and I was 70 years old the estimated effective age adjusted dosage: 1,000mg per day and a quater (25%) of this is 250mg per day so I would start on week one with a daily dosage of 250mg increasing each week by 250mg until I reached my age adjusted estimated effective dosage, as follows:

  • Week 1: 250mg per day.
  • Week 2: 500mg per day.
  • Week 3: 750mg per day.
  • Week 4: 1,000mg per day.

I would only increase the dosage each week if I did not have any side effects from the current weeks dosage, this is explained in more detail under the section Monitoring NMN Intake Effects but this includes effects like insomnia, stomach problems, etc.

Testing NAD+ Level and Biological Age

Before starting this NMN protocol its important complete baseline NAD+ level and Biological age testing, this will capture your NAD+ level and biological age without NMN and is important so that in the future you can track your progress and adjust your NMN dosage after comparing future tests with each other and this baseline.

DoNotAge sell both NAD+ Level and Biological age tests, which is the brand I use, you can save 10% by using coupon code LONGEVITYFAQ in the checkout.

A picture showing the Optimal Suboptimal deficent and severly deficient NAD levels after testing created by Longevity FAQ

Below are my tips for NAD Level testing:

  • The optimal NAD level is considered to be 40-100uM.
  • I test my NAD Levels twice per year.
  • At a minimum I recommend testing NAD levels at least once a year.
  • After your first baseline NAD test, if you have a sub-optimal NAD level start NMN supplementation and then retest in 2-4 weeks.

My tips for Biological Age tests:

  • Biological age tests have issues
    • And should be used in conjuction with other testing.
    • There are usually big differences between testing companies and test types.
  • Don’t use as an indicator of biological age, but more as a tool to track how your Longevity protocols are performing, over time, i.e. compare baseline test with future tests.

After you have your baseline for both the NAD level and biological age test, keep safe for future comparision, I keep them documented in a spreadsheet with the date of test.

When I am checking and comparing my NAD level test my goal is to be in the optimal range (40-100uM) and for this value not to decline, as simple as that. For the biological age test my goal is to ensure that my estimated biological age is increasing slower than my chronological age, and if possible lowering.

Monitoring NMN Supplement Effects

When in the first month of NMN supplementation its important to keep note of and make adjustments for the following effects, I record this in the same spreadsheet that I track NAD levels, biological age testing as well as other testing and health measures.

  • Energy Levels: Do I feel more energetic since taking NMN?
  • Sleep Quality: Is my sleep better or are you having troubles sleeping (insomnia)?
  • Physical Performance: Can I exercise longer or harder?
  • Mental Clarity: Am I thinking more clearly?
  • Overall Wellbeing: Do I generally feel better?

During the first four weeks if you experince insomnia or other bad effects you might want to first take a look at when you are taking your daily dose of NMN and also what you are taking it with, if there is no change in these effects revert back to the dosage for the previous week.

After you are on your full estimated effective dose of NMN, continue to check and take note of both bad and good effects, and adjust your NMN dose and longevity protocol based on these factors in conjunction with your latest NAD level and Biological age test. For instance, if your NAD levels were consistently high, try reducing your NMN dosage and re-evaluating on the next test. Likewise, if your levels had dropped, you could increase and follow up with another test in 4-6 weeks to ensure levels had risen.

NMN Safety and Side Effects to be Aware of

Before increasing your NMN dosage, it’s crucial to be aware of potential side effects and safety concerns to tailor your intake to your body’s needs. Remember, your journey to health and longevity should be safe and without side effects. Here’s what you should keep in mind:

  • Mononucleotide NMN supplementation is generally considered safe, but start low and go slow.
  • Some common side effects may include gastrointestinal discomfort, skin flushing and insomnia.
  • Long-term administration of NMN capsules or other NMN products has minimal reported adverse effects.
  • Rarely, an allergic reaction could occur; seek medical help if this happens.
  • Always listen to your body and adjust your dose accordingly, especially when new to NMN.

Where to Purchase NMN?

As a reminder as a reader of this website or my longevity facebook community you are entitled to a 10% discount from DoNotAge, simply enter the coupon code: LONGEVITYFAQ at the checkout to recieve the discount. For a full guide on how to apply this code read my guide on how to apply the code How to Apply DoNotAge Coupon Code

A container of DoNotAge NMN 183g powder container from my last order that I saved 10% by using the LONGEVITY FAQ Coupon Code
My DoNotAge NMN Powder container from my last order

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it ok to Take NMN Everyday

Yes NMN in the short term daily NMN supplementation is safe, however there have not been enough long term trials to determine if long term daily supplementation is safe. Trial Reference

Can NMN Supplementation Affect Sleep Patterns or Circadian Rhythms?

Yes NMN has been known to cause sleep issues, when a person starts taking the supplement. This side effect usually ends after a week or two. To minimize this side effect its recommend that NMN should be taken first up in the morning.

Are There Any Long-Term Studies on the Effects of NMN Supplementation on Genetic Expression or Epigenetics?

Yes a study conducted by the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center in 2019 Nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) supplementation promotes anti-aging miRNA expression profile in the aorta of aged mice, predicting epigenetic rejuvenation and anti-atherogenic effects found that The predicted regulatory effects of NMN-induced differentially expressed miRNAs in aged vessels include anti-atherogenic affects and epigenetic rejuvenation and are consistent with the anti-aging functional effects of treatment with both NMN

How Does NMN Supplementation Interact With Exercise Performance and Recovery in Athletes?

Is There Any Evidence to Suggest NMN Dosage Requirements Change With Seasonal Variations or Geographic Locations?

There is no evidence or studies that suggest a different NMN Dosage is required either for sesonal variations or geographic location.

Is it Recommended for People under 35 Years of age to Supplement with NMN?

It would depend on the individuals health and lifestyle, for a average person 35 and under it should not be required however, if you are having health, energy issues, or have done an NAD+ level or Biological age test and had bad results it should time to consider supplementing with NMN.

What age can you start taking NMN?

35 years of Age is considered the age you should start supplementing with NMN, Note research suggests that after 35 years of age a person’s NAD levels start dropping more rapidly, so unless you have a pre-exising issue or have low NAD levels

Should I take NMN Once or Twice a day?

Once a day is recommend, this is based on my personal experience, the reason for this is that NMN causes a large increase in energy and for me I cannot have NMN after midday or it affects my sleep.

How Much NMN Should be Taken Daily?

There is no set dosage, everyone is different, read this article on how to workout your personalized NMN dosage plan.

How Much NMN is Effective?

Everyone is different so there is no set effective dosage of NMN, however my NMN dosage calculator along with this guide, serves as a great starting point to find your personalized daily effective daily NMN dose.

Is 1000mg of NMN daily too Much?

A 1000mg daily dose is considered safe, however you may be wasting your money, recently Dr David Sinclair who was one of the first to advocate a 1,000 mg daily dose of NMN mentioned that in early 2023 he takes 500mg daily. You can see the video here where he talks about his current dosage of NMN

Is there any age-specific NMN dosage recommendations?

Other than looking at increaseing your daily NMN dosage as you age there is no specifc dosages for different age groups, its recommended that you read this article where I guide you on how to workout your personalized NMN starting dosage and then how to tweak your dosage.

What is an optimal NAD Level?

The optimal level of NAD is considered to be between 40-100uM

Can I Take NMN With Coffee?

Yes you can take NMN at the same time as coffee but I don’t recommend mixing NMN powder into your hot coffee, as the heat from the boiling water will degrade your NMN.

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Thanks, Ben. I love the way you have a full step-by-step process on how I can work out my most effective NMN dosage. I have decided to start taking NMN. I found anyone has detailed this process; they simply say to take 1,000mg every day.

One question: Is insomnia a big issue when taking NMN? As someone who has suffered from it in the past, I am hoping it does not affect me when taking NMN and I am also interested in your tips to minimize it.


Great, I’m so happy that you loved the article. Feedback like this means so much

In regards to insomnia, from my experience, a large number of people taking NMN do feel the effects of it when they first start taking it, but as your body gets accustomed to more energy, insomnia goes away; for me, taking NMN first up in the morning after waking up and ensuring I keep active during the day helped.

I would love to hear how you go on your longevity journey.

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x