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How to Take NMN Powder for Maximum Longevity Benefit

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Like a key fits into a lock, NMN powder could be the perfect fit for your health routine. You’re smart, you’ve done your research, and you know NMN’s potential to revitalize your body’s cellular engines. This article will inform you on how to take NMN Powder, and is written based on my experience t

So, how do you take this powerful supplement? It’s simpler than you might think. Start by measuring the right amount; precision is key to mastery. Then, you’ll want to find the best time to take it to maximize its benefits. Mix it into a glass of water or your morning smoothie for easy consumption.

Key Takeaways

  • NMN powder can be taken in the morning and evening for optimal results.
  • It is recommended you measure dosage of NMN powder using a digital scale.
  • NMN powder can be taken orally by swallowing or sublingually by placing it under the tongue.
  • Liposomal forms of NMN available but no evidence of effectiveness.

Remember, consistency is your ally. As you continue, you’ll learn to listen to your body’s feedback, fine-tuning your approach. Stick with me here, and let’s unlock the full potential of NMN powder together.

NMN Powder vs NMN Capsules

A photo of NMN Powder and NMN Capsules with the writing NMN Powder VS NMN Capsules

When deciding between NMN powder or capsules, both types have their advantages and disadvantages for instance, you’ll find that NMN powder allows for more flexible dosing and faster absorption, whereas NMN Capsules offer a more convienient and quicker way to supplement with NMN. Below I have listed the advantages and disadvantages of both forms of NMN based on my nearly three years of supplementing with NMN.

NMN Powder Advantages

  • A more controlled dose, for instance when I first started taking NMN I wanted to gradually build up to my desired NMN dosage and using NMN Powder I was able to measure my 350mg daily dosage, if I was using capsules I could not have this much control over my dose unless I broke open capsules, but then what would I do with the excess NMN Powder.
  • NMN Powder is cheaper than capsules, infact from my current longevity supplement company (DoNotAge) NMN Powder is nearly one third of the cost of NMN capsules.
  • You can see and taste the supplement, which I like as I can assess the quality of the supplement; for instance, I know what quality NMN should look and taste like, so if it’s a new batch or an old batch that has been sitting in my refrigerator I have an additional piece of mind that what I am consuming is consistent.
  • Easier to mix with other supplements or water for consumption.
  • A better form if you plan to take sublingually.

NMN Powder Disadvantages

  • Dealing with NMN Powder is more finicky and time consuming, to measure out my NMN dose either by scoop or digital scales takes significantly more time.
  • Bad for travel beause of the above point I find if I am travelling or i am just have a busy day taking NMN powder is not ideal, as I need scales and need to travel with a white powder substance, which you could imagine may be problematic if travelling to other countires.
  • In powder form (compared to capsule form) it suseptable to condensation build up from the in and out of the regrigerator, I do have some tips to negate this occuring which I have written about How Should NMN Powder be Stored.

NMN Capsules Advantages

  • NMN Capsules are super convinient, have a daily dosage of 500mg, whenever I supplement in this form I just opened the container and took my one or two capsules and and swollowed.
  • Great for travel, no having to mess with powder scales or scoops.
  • Capsules are more insulated to they are less affected by light, moisture and temprature.

NMN Capsules Disadvantages

  • As mentioned in the advantages of NMN Powder, NMN capsules can be significantly more expensive than powder from DoNotAge capsules are nearly three times the cost of NMN Powder.
  • If you have NMN capsules, it’s more difficult to customise your dose; most capsules come in either 250mg or 500mg, so If you want to take a fraction of this amount, it’s going to be a bit more work to break the capsule and then measure the dose.

What form of NMN do I recommend?

I use a hybrid aproch however primarily I purchase and use NMN Powder both for the dosage control and the cost-saving aspect, but I always have NMN capsules available for those times I need to travel or have a busy morning and need to quickly take more dose before leaving my home,

For anyone starting their longevity and NMN journey, I recommend considering the above points and choosing the form of NMN that best suits your health goals, lifestyle and budget.

NMN Powder Optimal Dosage Timing

You’ll maximize NMN powder’s benefits by timing your doses for the morning before breakfast, as recommended by experts like Dr. David Sinclair. Why? Well, taking NMN every morning kick-starts your day with a boost to your NAD+ levels, fueling your body’s energy metabolism right when you need it most. In addition NMN provides an energy boost which I find can affect my sleep, therefore I find having my dose of NMN first thing in the morning gives my body enough time to get over the NMN/NAD+ energy boost, this ensures I am able to get a great sleep

As I workout after breakfast this dosage timing gives me an energy boost within 30 minutes of consumption which I find gives me great results for my walks and in the gym.

Preparing Your NMN Powder Dosage

The way you prepare your NMN Powder dosage will depend on two main factors, which are how you plan to measure your dose (scales or scoop), how you plan to take your dose (sublingually, swallowed or mixed with water or other food such as yoghurt)

I use a scoop; DoNotAge supplies a 500mg scoop with their NMN powder. I have tried several methods to scoop NMN while weighing with my digital scales, and while scoop is not super accurate, I can now get reasonably close to my desired dosage without breaking out the scales. While this method works well for me, I highly recommend rechecking your periodically with digital scales every few weeks so that you are still scooping a reasonably accurate dosage.

For those that want to use scales, it’s a lot more work and can be tricky to get a super accurate dosage and would recommend aiming for a dosage within 50mg of your desired dosage.

Enhancing NMN Powder Absorption

Have you ever wondered if there’s a best way to take NMN powder for better absorption?

You might be curious about whether placing it under your tongue, as opposed to just swallowing it, could make a difference.

And what about wrapping the NMN in liposomes or pairing it with other supplements—could these strategies boost the benefits you’re after?

NMN Powder Sublingual and Oral Intake

In choosing between sublingual and oral intake of NMN powder, you’ll find that each method has its own advantages for enhancing absorption into your system. Curious about the differences? Let’s break it down:

  1. Sublingual: Placing NMN powder under your tongue could lead to quicker absorption as it may bypass the digestive system and enter your bloodstream directly.
  2. Oral Intake: Swallowing NMN powder is hassle-free and aligns with how researchers, like Professor David Sinclair, consume it.
  3. Absorption: While oral intake is well-absorbed, sublingual administration might offer an edge in speed, in addition taking your dose sublingually bypasses your stomach, people that take NMN powder sublingually say that the somach breakes down a lot of the NMN where as taking it sublingually more of the NMN makes it to the liver for for conversion into NAD+, meaning you need a smaller NMN dosage.
  4. Convenience: Simply mixing NMN powder in a drink is straightforward, but sublingual can be a tad fiddly as you need to hold the NMN dose under your tongue for about two minutes while it’s absorbed into the veins under your tongue.

How I take NMN Powder sublingually

Measure my dosage of NMN Powder in the image below I am using the scoop rather than.

Place scoop of NMN Powder Scoop under tongue and hold NMN Powder under toungue for aproximatly two minutes or until NMN has been absorbed.

What is the best way to absorb NMN?

In my opinion the best way to take NMN powder use a hybrid approach. I take half of my dose sublingually, and the other half I take either by swallowing or with the same yoghurt, which I mix my resveratrol into.

Liposomal NMN Powder

Advocates of Liposomal NMN Powder say that it enhances absorption by opting for the liposomal form, this form of NMN is designed to increase bioavailability. Wondering how?

Liposomal NMN powder is cleverly wrapped in a lipid layer, making it more efficient when taken orally. It sneaks through your gut lining, aiming for higher uptake by your cells. This is crucial since NMN is a precursor to NAD, a vital molecule in energy production, so the more NMN that makes it past your stomach the more that can be converted into NAD, or the smaller dose you need to be effective.

There are several companies that sell Liposomal NMN Powder the companies I have used and recommend:

Note I don’t take a liposomal form of NMN, for a start, it’s more expensive. Using the hybrid approach to taking NMN Powder, i.e. half the dose sublingually and the other half orally, is more effective than taking a liposomal form of NMN.

Taking NMN Powder with Other Longevity Supplements

While you’re considering the benefits of liposomal NMN for enhanced absorption, don’t overlook the potential of combining it with other longevity supplements to further support your cellular health. Here’s how you might enhance NMN powder absorption with a smart stack:

  1. Resveratrol: It may boost sirtuin activity, which works synergistically with NMN to improve NAD levels.
  2. Pterostilbene: Similar to resveratrol, but possibly more bioavailable, pterostilbene could complement NMN’s effects on cellular health.
  3. Nicotinamide Riboside: Another NAD precursor, could it offer additive health benefits alongside NMN?
  4. Omega-3 Fatty Acids: Could they support membrane health, potentially aiding NMN absorption?

Curious about the right balance? It’s worth diving deeper into how these interact to maximize your health benefits, I have written an article on my longevity supplement stack as well as Dr David Sinclair’s Supplement Stack which are both recommended reading for those just starting on their longevity journey.

NMN Powder Supplementation: How to know if my NMN Powder is working?

Assessing the effectiveness of your NMN powder supplementation involves monitoring changes in energy levels, cognitive function, and overall well-being. You’re probably wondering, how long does it take to feel a difference? It’s not instantaneous; remember, consistency is crucial. When NMN is converted in your body, it helps to increase levels of NAD+, a coenzyme vital for various metabolic processes.

So, what should you look for? Initially, you might notice a subtle uptick in your energy. Are you less tired during the day? Can you concentrate better, think more clearly? These improvements are signs that your NMN powder might be kicking in. But it’s not just about how you feel. Enhanced metabolic function could mean your body is responding well to NMN supplementation.

I highly recommend, before you start taking longevity supplements, that you accept both a NAD level test and a biological age test, as well as see your medical professional get a range of blood tests, and then follow all these tests up on a six-monthly or at a minimum a yearly period so you can see if your NMN powder dose and supplement stack is having a positive impact on your health and if there is anything that needs to be tweaked.

Purchasing NMN Powder

There are several trusted brands that sell NMN Powder, I have tried all of the below brands

Buying DoNotAge Pure NMN Powder

A container of DoNotAge NMN 183g powder container from my last order that I saved 10% by using the LONGEVITY FAQ Coupon Code
My DoNotAge NMN Powder container from my last order

DoNotAge is the brand of NMN Powder I have been using since mid 2020 there are several reasons I purchase from them including:

  • Quality: I have been extreamly happy with the quality of NMN powder (as well as other Longevity supplements) from DoNotAge, they 3rd party test every batch from their supplier (Uthever) for purity as well as safety. This is backed up by the DoNotAge Quality Guarantee
  • Price: DoNotAge NMN Powder is one of the cheapest of all of the trusted brands on the market, with great discounts of nearly a third of the cost compared to NMN Capsules.
  • Free Experdited Delivery: Free experdited delivery of all of their products for qualifying order thresholds (Over USA $100 / UK £50 / EU €200 / WORLDWIDE $300)
  • A Research Company: First and formost DoNotAge are a longevity research company putting a lot of their profits back into longevity research and studies and trials.

At the moment DoNotAge NMN Powder is as below, if you use Couipon Code: LONGEVITYFAQ in the cart you will reciece an additional 10% discount as outlined below:

ItemDoNotAge Retail PricePrice After Discount
DoNotAge NMN Powder 100gUS $113.95US $102.55
DoNotAge NMN Powder 183gUS $203.00US $182.70
DoNotAge NMN Powder 1 kgUS $899.00US $809.10

For detailed instructions on how to apply this coupon code to your order I have written an article on the topic How to Apply DoNotAge Coupon Code that shows you step by step how to apply the code as well as other ways you can save money at DoNotAge.

Continue Reading about NMN and other Longevity Topics

If you found this article interesting, I invite you to read some of my other articles on NMN, Longevity and biohacking, all articles were written based on my experience in the field of longevity and longevity supplementation, including nearly three years taking longevity supplements.

NMN Powder Frequently Asked Questions

Can you dissolve NMN Powder in Water?

Yes NMN Powder can be disolved in water, however its recommended that if you plan to take NMN this way that you only disolve your dose of NMN powder just before taking it, as NMN powder starts degrading very quickly after being disolved into water.

Should NMN Powder Be Taken on an Empty Stomach?

Yes, in fact if you are taking any form of NMN including powder its recommended to take it on an empty stomach at least on hour before a meal, infact this is the way I take my morning dosage.

How long does it take for NMN powder to work?

2 to 3 weeks is a common timeframe people report noticing the health effects of NMN powder, however some people report a large increase in energy not long after taking their first dose, this increase in energy is due to the fact that NMN powder is obsorbed from your gut and into your blood stream after 2-5 minutes, after which its converted by the liver into NAD+. This conversion from NMN to NAD+ by the liver starts occuring 15 minutes after consumption. NAD+ Precursors Study NMN Absorption Time

How do you take NMN Powder for best absorption?

Using my hybrid approach, you will get the best of both worlds with half your dose of NMN powder sublingually and the other half orally; this will ensure you get the best of both methods.

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