My Longevity Biohackers Supplement Stack and Regime – What Supplements do I Take and When?

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I have been taking longevity supplements for almost 3 years and this website LongevityFAQ has been running for over a year and thought it would be a good idea to detail what’s in my longevity and anti-ageing supplement stack and what’s my daily protocol, I have detailed this in the Facebook community that I founded but not everyone is on Facebook or its not for them so I will repost here with some updates what I have posted on Facebook.

Brands and Supplements I am currently using along with Dosage

Morning Before Exercise (Walk and Gym)

800mg (2 Capsules) DoNotAge CA-AKG

Morning After Exercise (Walk and Gym)

First 4 Supplements below mixed with Yoghurt
1g (2 scoops) DoNotAge Pure NMN Powder(Note NMN does not need to be mixed with Yoghurt but as I use powder form I do it out of convenience)
1g (2 scoops) DoNotAge Pure Resveratrol Powder
800mg (2 cap) DoNotAge Pure Quercetin
800mg (2 cap) DoNotAge Pure Fisetin
200mg (1 cap) DoNotAge Pure Hyaluronic Acid (High molecular weight)
125mcg D3 180 mcg MK7 (1 cap) NOW Foods Mega D-3 & MK-7
1g (2 cap) Solaray Timed Release Vitamin C

Afternoon Approximately 3 Hours before Dinner

2g (1 cap) NOW Foods Magnesium L-Threonate

Evening Before/During Dinner

800mg (2 capsules) DoNotAge SIRT6 Activator (before dinner)
500mg (2 capsules) DoNotAge Pure Apigenin (with dinner)

Evening Before Bed

1g (2 capsules) DoNotAge Pure TMG
0.48g (with 8mg Spermidine) (1 capsule) DoNotAge Pure Spermidine
5g (1 scoop with water) California Gold Collagen UP Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen Peptides
4g (2 cap) NOW Foods Magnesium L-Threonate
1g (2 cap) Doctor’s Best, High Absorption Curcumin

DoNotAge do also sell a combination Vitamin D3, K2 (MK7) and Magnesium L-Threonate supplement which I recommend, however at the moment I am experimenting with different dosages of each Magnesium L-Threonate at different times of the day.

What Supplement and Protocol Stack Changes do I have Planned?

Biohacking is still fairly new and as research changes so will my supplement stack and other longevity protocols, in fact I already have some additional supplements planned along with my changes to my longevity protocol which I will list below:

  • Change from California Gold Collagen UP to DoNotAge Collagen, the California Gold product is great but now that DoNotAge sell collagen I will switch to them I have already done the maths and it will workout quite a bit cheaper, which is an important factor, keeping costs down when you are taking lots of supplements.
  • Adding DoNotAge’s Sulforaphane supplement to my stack SulforaBoost®, Sulforaphane is a natural phytonutrient that is found in high levels in broccoli sprouts, sulforaphane then converts into glucoraphanin which is a potent anti-oxidant that has been proven to neutralize toxins, reduce inflammation and support the body’s efforts to reduce cancer.

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