Longevity FAQs List of Approved Supplements Brands Award

Why was the Longevity FAQ Approved Supplement Award Created?

With the popularity of Dr David Sinclair’s NY Times bestselling book Lifespan Why we age and why we don’t have to as well as the media attention on some of the world’s richest aka Bezoz dropping US $3 billion into longevity start up Alto Labs, more of the general public are starting on their longevity and biohacking journey. In addition to good food, sleep and exercise biohackers are turning to expensive supplements in order to slow down the clock.

To cash in on the high supplement costs and the increased interest in these supplements shady supplement brands are launching on Amazon, eBay, AliExpress and other online marketplaces. Unfortunately, not all supplement and supplement brands are created equal, a recent report published by ChromaDex looked at 21 supplement brands from Amazon the company purchasing them and having them 3rd party lab tested (read our article on the Warning of Fake or Low Quality NMN and Other Longevity Supplements) the shocking result was that 3 out of the 21 contained no NMN and 11 of the 21 less than the reported limit of NMN, only 3 brands were at or above the reported supplement purity.

Criterial for a Supplement to Receive the Longevity FAQ Approved Supplement Award

  • For Supplements they must be 3rd Party batch tested with 3rd party testing certificate.
    • Analysis certificate must be available to the public and from a known Analysis company.
    • Compliant to GMP Practices.
    • Not Exclusively sold on eBay, Amazon, AliExpress, etc, while those platforms are great for other products. any supplement that is sold only on those platforms will not be considered.
    • Have been in business as a supplement brand for at least 2 years.
    • For supplements like NMN, the company sources their supplement from trusted producers such as EffePharm (Uthever NMN).
  • For other products such as longevity tech products, testing (including biological age and NAD Level testing)
    • Has been tested by myself or a trusted member of our/this Longevity and Anti-Aging facebook community Facebook Group.
    • If new product that we feel is of interest to the Longevity and Biohacking community.
    • For established brands there are not an unacceptable level of negative feedback about the brand or product.

Longevity Supplement Brands Awarded Longevity FAQ’s Recommended Supplement Brand

Now that I have gone through why the Longevity FAQ approved list award was created here is the list, Note I have broken the list down by brand, also this will be a living reference document with supplements added, removed and modified over time, so its highly recommend you bookmark it for future reference.

of Analysis
Compliant to
GMP Practices
Not exclusively sold on
Amazon, eBay, Ali, etc
In Business more
Than 2 Years
Sources Supplements from Trusted
Manufacturers i.e. EffePharm for NMN
California Gold NutritionYes – linkYesYesYesYes
DoNotAgeYes – linkYesYesYesYes
Double WoodYes – linkYesYes YesYes
Hansen SupplementsYes – link LinkYesYes YesYes
ProHealth LongevityYes – linkYesYes YesYes
Renew by ScienceYes – linkYesYes YesYes
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