The Ultimate NMN Supplementation Guide What are its Benefits, Side-Effects, Dosage & Cost?

In this Ultimate Guide to NMN Supplementation we take a close look at the benefits of taking NMN, it’s side-effects, recommended dosage, cost and look at some other aspects like the trusted NMN brands and what’s in my NMN supplement protocol.

Remember to keep this page bookmarked as it will be a frequently updated resource for biohackers with the latest information on NMN Supplementation.

What is NMN?

NMN (Nicotinamide Mononucleotide) is a naturally occurring molecule found in the body that has been gaining attention as a promising anti-aging supplement. NMN is a precursor to NAD+, a coenzyme that plays a crucial role in maintaining healthy cell metabolism by providing the critical energy cells need to function efficiently. NMN has been proven to restore NAD+ levels which decline as we age [r] potentially slowing the aging process, NMN has been studied in animals and humans with promising results in regards to increasing human healthspan and longevity.

NMN is not only associated with anti-aging but has also been studied for its potential to treat certain diseases, for example research has suggested that NMN can help to reduce inflammation and improve insulin sensitivity, which which ultimately helps people with diabetes manage their condition more effectively. NMN has also been studied for its potential to protect against neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

The NMN Molicule
The Nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) Molicule

What are the potential benefits of taking an NMN supplement?

NMN has been researched extensively in animal models as well as in some human studies and there is a large list of potential benefits to human health, some of these benefits include [r][r][r][r][r][r]

  • Repairing DNA
  • Decreased Inflammation
  • Increased mitochondria function
  • Increased energy
  • Improved cognitive function
  • Increased muscle endurance
  • Improved Heart function
  • Improved Eye function
  • Protection Against diabetes
  • Potential increase in longevity
  • Improved recovery after jet lag and lack of sleep
  • Increased female fertility
  • Increased immune response
  • May protect against cancer

These are just some of the potential benefits of NMN supplementation as a precursor to NAD which in turn is required to fuel our cells, you can see how there are many more potential benefits to human health and longevity that what is in the above list.

NMN Pre Curcor to NAD Hallmarks of NAD Homeostasis

NMN vs. NR – Which NAD Precursor is Best?

The longevity and anti-aging community are in two camps on boosting NAD levels, the opposite camp of NMN is the NR (Nicotinamide Riboside) camp. The differences between NMN and NR become apparent when it comes to their effects on the body. NMN is more easily absorbed by the body, making it more effective in delivering its anti-aging benefits, this is due to the fact that NR first needs to be converted into NMN [r] before its converted to NAD.

Overall, both NMN and NR are effective in delivering anti-aging benefits, but NMN appears to have the edge due to its greater absorption rate and its potential for providing additional health benefits. It is important to note however that research is still ongoing and more studies are needed to confirm the differences between NMN and NR and to determine which is the better option for promoting healthy aging.

From a personal point of view, I am in the NMN camp due to the fact that NMN is more easily converted into NAD.

Diet versus Supplementation – Can I get an Adequate Amount of NMN Naturally?

Unfortunately No, While in most cases from both a health and cost perspective it’s best to go natural and boost via your food, however this is one of the instances where foods don’t contain enough NMN to make a big difference to your NAD levels which is why NMN supplementation is required, this is especially the case those over 60 when NAD levels drop significantly compared to when we were in our younger years.

What foods naturally contain NMN?

Some foods naturally contain NMN even if at very low levels compared to supplementation, below is a list of foods that have highest levels of NMN along with the amount of NMN per 100g. [r]

  • Edamamme 0.47–1.88 mg per 100g
  • Broccoli 0.25–1.12 mg per 100g
  • Cucumber seed 0.56 mg per 100g
  • Cucumber peel 0.65 mg per 100g
  • Cabbage 0.0–0.90 mg per 100g
  • Avocado 0.36–1.60 mg per 100g
  • Tomato 0.26–0.30 mg per 100g
  • Mushroom 0.0–1.01 mg per 100g
  • Beef (raw) 0.06–0.42 mg per 100g
  • Shrimp 0.22 mg per 100g

NMN Dosage – How Much NMN Should I take?

There have been several studies looking at how much NMN an individual should take and the general consensus is from 250mg up to a maximum of 1,200mg daily [r] a common dosage recommended by some supplement companies as well as Dr David Sinclair is 1g a day.

Tip: When I am starting on any new supplement, I start low then slowly increase my dosage to monitor for any unexpected side-effects, for NMN this can be done in conjunction with an NAD level test to ensure that the dosage you are taking is having an affect on your NAD levels. I recommend at one NAD and biological age test as a baseline prior to starting on NMN.

How should I take NMN?

Unlike Resveratrol NMN does not need to be taken with a fat source to increase its effectiveness, so taking NMN in the morning with a glass of water is all that I do.

If you do take NMN its recommended that you also take TMG (trimethylglycine) as the process to convert NMN into NAD in the liver depletes methyl groups and supplementing with TMG tops up these methyl groups.

NMN Powder vs Capsule

It’s really up to you, a common reason you might take NMN powder over capsule is if you are experimenting with dosage, also NMN powder is significantly cheaper from DoNotAge which is why I usually purchase NMN Powder, however capsules can be more convenient especially if you travel, even though I primarily take NMN powder I always have NMN capsules on hand for when I travel.

Any benefit to taking NMN Subligurallly?

Some companies sell NMN that you can take sublingually (under the tongue) but you can do this with any NMN powder, you can also empty the capsule/s under your tongue and hold under one minute. Taking NMN sublingually means that the NMN goes straight into your bloodstream by passing the stomach and intestines, some companies claim by doing this you can decrease your NMN dose as there will be more of it to convert into NAD.

Should I take TMG Trimethylglycine When taking NMN?

Yes its highly recommended that you also take TMG (Trimethylglycine) when taking NMN, the reason is that your body processes NMN in the liver and this process depletes methyl groups, what TMG does is top up your methyl stores as it’s a Methyl donor. Some longevity experts recommend taking the same dosage of TMG as you do for NMN. TMG is very cheap as well as safe and has other health benefits so some biohackers take more than a 1:1 dose of TMG.

Note: It’s not necessary to take TMG at the same time as NMN in fact I take my TMG before bed so that my methyl groups have been replenished prior to my dose of NMN the next morning.

Which Popular Longevity Experts, Researchers and Biohackers are taking NMN?

As a popular longevity supplement there are many popular longevity researchers, experts, biohackers and even celebrities supplementing with NMN some of these include:
(note click below to read more about their dosage and supplement stack)

What is the best way to store NMN?

Traditional NMN is not heat or moisture tolerant, Dr David Sinclair said in a recent podcast that it will degrade into nicotinamide if not stored correctly, some NMN manufacturers say they have modified their NMN supplement to be stable at room temperature. However I recommend being on the safe side by storing NMN (along with Resveratrol, Fish Oil and Probiotics) in the refrigerator, also what I do for bulk amounts of 6 months or more, is transfer into a separate container one months worth at a time, this will ensure your bulk NMN is not exposed to excessive moisture.

Is NMN safe and does it have side-effects?

Generally, NMN is very well tolerated and regarded as safe however one of the side effects that some people report in the first few weeks is Insomnia, I experienced this for about 2 weeks and think it’s because the cells in your body are more energized. This is another reason to start with a lower dose and build up to the desired dose, you can also start by taking NMN every second day for the first few weeks. Another tip is to take NMN first thing in the morning so there large time gap between dosage time and when you go to sleep.

Is All NMN Made in China?

Yes, all NMN is made in China and any company claiming that their NMN is made locally in the USA, Europe or Australia should not be trusted. We recommend only purchasing NMN supplements from brands that source their NMN from EffePharm (Uthever NMN).

What is the Cost of NMN?

NMN is a very expensive supplement to produce so the cost is on the expensive side compared to other longevity supplements and general vitamins, expect to pay between US $ 0.80 and US $2.00 for a 1000mg (1g) daily dose from a quality NMN brand.

Where to Purchase NMN?

Like any supplement purity, quality and brand ethics vary widely and NMN supplements are no different, this is why I recommend only buying NMN only from trusted sources, ones that have independent 3rd party batch testing for both NMN purity and safety (i.e., heavy metals) the supplement brand is ethical and has been selling supplements for more than two years.

For a more detailed look you can read the supplement brands that have been Awarded Longevity FAQ’s Recommended Supplement Brand I also detail the full criteria and how we determine a quality supplement brand, but for a high-level list here are the NMN supplements that are made by these companies.

DoNotAge Pure NMN

DoNotAge has been my go-to supplement brand not just for NMN but the majority of my other longevity supplements for nearly three years, they meet all the criteria to be awarded the Longevity FAQ Recommended Supplement Award and work out to be one of the most competitive on price. I purchase their NMN Powder. Below is a list of NMN they sell.

A 6 month supply (183g container, if taking 1g a day) of DoNotAge NMN powder will cost US $203 then come down to US $195.85 if you use coupon code: LONGEVITYFAQ (in uppercase) in the cart. Read more about how to apply this coupon code here: DoNotAge Savings

A container of DoNotAge NMN 183g powder container from my last order that I saved 10% by using the LONGEVITY FAQ Coupon Code
My DoNotAge NMN Powder container from my last order

Renue by Science NMN

Another quality NMN brand is Renue by Science, they source their NMN from the same manufacture as DoNotAge and ProHealth Longevity below does and are a quality ethical brand, their price is a little more expensive however they do have different forms of NMN like liposomal.

A 100g container of Renue NMN powder costs US $114.95,

ProHealth Longevity

ProHealth Longevity again as mentioned above source their NMN from a quality manufacturer EffePharm (Uthever NMN) they have been awarded our Recommended Supplement Brand Award (along with all the NMN found on this page) so they tick all the boxes.

A 100g pack of ProHealth Longevity NMN Pro powder will cost you US $144.95

Also keep the following article where I list Current Best Deals and Specials on Longevity Products current longevity supplement deals and discount codes.

Has NMN Been Banned for Sale as a Supplement in the USA?

Yes, officially NMN has been banned for sale as a supplement in the USA, however there has been no announcement from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) notifying supplement companies that they can no longer sell NMN. Note all the legitimate US supplement brands that I know are still stilling NMN. Everyone in the Biohacking community hopes the FDA will exercise enforcement discretion like they do for NAC – N-acetyl-L-cysteine.

We are keeping a close watch on developments and will update this website and page once there is more news. For now you can read our article NMN Banned in the USA for more details.

Beware of Fake NMN Supplements

There are many fake NMN brands that setup on Amazon and other online shopping platforms with sell product with no or very little NMN I wrote about in the link below:  
Beware of Fake or Low-Quality NMN and Other Longevity Anti-Aging Supplements Online

This is why I recommend avoiding large online market places like Amazon for NMN and other longevity supplements there is one which I will detail the story below:

  • A recent case is that of a member of the Facebook community that I am the founder and admin of the member lives in South East Asia and cannot get shipments of quality NMN via websites of our recommended supplement brand list, however he could purchase via their Amazon storefront, so this is a case where Amazon is recommended but other than that I would avoid and leave Amazon for books, electronics and other household items.  

My Thoughts and My Protocol for NMN Supplementation

Even though NMN is a supplement in the longevity space, its one that I have included in my longevity supplement stack for the last three years and I could not live without it, I feel my energy levels are boosted after taking NMN and if for some reason I miss taking it I feel the decreased energy, some of the other things I have noticed since I added NMN to my supplement stack are quicker wound healing, faster hair growth, improved cognitive function.

For NMN I take 1,000mg daily in the morning and do increase my dose if I feel sick or fatigued You can read my full longevity supplement stack/protocol.


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