Weekly Video Round Up Week 7 2023- Including ketogenic Diet, Yuvan Research E5 study, NMN slowing cancer metastasis & more

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This week’s top longevity videos offer insight into various aspects of human health and wellness with videos from Modern Healthspan, Lifespan News, NMN Experiment, Wellness Messiah with Rimon, The Pulse and lastly, “Dr Brad Stanfield”.

Modern Healthspan

Richard from Modern Healthspan focus on the science of longevity and ways to improve overall health. In the video “Reversing Alzheimer’s With Coconut Oil | Dr Mary Newport Interview Series 1,” Dr. Mary Newport shares her husband’s experience with Alzheimer’s and how a ketogenic diet supplemented with coconut and MCT oil improved his condition. In “Low-dose Lithium Shows Significant Benefit In Alzheimer’s Human Trial | Dr Thomas Guttuso Ep 2,” Dr. Guttuso talks about positive clinical trials of low dose lithium with Alzheimer’s and ongoing trials. In “Lifespan Record Broken In E5 Study,” Yuvan Research provides an update on the E5 trial, where Sima, the last remaining rat, has surpassed the age of the previous record for lifespan of a Sprague Dawley rat.

Lifespan News

Lifespan News focuses on recent developments in anti-aging and longevity research. In “mRNA ‘Wrinkle Vaccine’ Boosts Collagen in New Study,” researchers used messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA) to pack mRNA inside extracellular vesicles, which could have implications for skin health. In “NMN To Treat Breast Cancer? New Results Show SIRT1 Link,” researchers studied the effects of NAD on triple-negative breast cancer and found that continuous use of NMN impeded tumor growth and metastasis in mice and on human cancer patient cells.

Huberman Lab Podcast

The Huberman Lab Podcast is hosted by Dr. Andrew Huberman and explores topics related to neuroscience, physiology, and behavior. In “Dr. Gina Poe: Use Sleep to Enhance Learning, Memory & Emotional State,” Dr. Gina Poe discusses how sleep impacts learning, memory, hormones, and emotions, and provides tools to enhance sleep quality. In “Dr. Andy Galpin: Maximize Recovery to Achieve Fitness & Performance Goals,” Dr. Andy Galpin explains how to optimize post-training recovery and avoid overtraining to better achieve fitness and exercise goals.

My NMN Experiment

My NMN Experiment focuses on the effects of nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) on health and longevity. In “Latest Research: NMN Slowed Cancer Metastasis,” researchers found that NMN blunted the spread of an existing cancer. In “New Research: This Food is BEST at REDUCING Visceral FAT,” a study showed that one class of food is more beneficial than others in reducing visceral fat.

Wellness Messiah with Rimon

Wellness Messiah with Rimon offers videos on health and wellness. In “The TRUTH about ‘Longevity’,” Rimon delves into the meaning of longevity, why it matters, and why exercising for longevity should be a top goal.

The Pulse

The Pulse provides information and news related to anti-aging and longevity research. In “Behind The Scenes Of NMN Supplement Market,” The Pulse shares inside information about the supplement industry and its dysfunction, particularly with fake NMN products flooding the market on Amazon. In “NR or NMN – Finding Common Ground,” Marcel interviews Dr. Charles Brenner, who discovered using NR as a vitamin.

Dr. Brad Stanfield

Dr. Brad Stanfield’s video “Ultimate Diet For Human Health” discusses the best diet for human health.

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