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What is the Recommended Dosage of NMN to Optimize Health and Longevity?

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Unfortunately, as NMN is a relatively new supplement, more research must be done on the best dosage to optimize health and longevity. I can share with you the latest research on the topic, and based on this research, I created the NMN dosage calculator that can be used as a starting point to calculate your daily dose of NMN based on weight.

NMN Studies Involving Humans

As of the writing of this article, there have only been 16 clinical trials involving humans; these trials had dosages of 150mg to 1200mg daily, with an average dose of around 300mg. One study, in particular, that involved both mice and humans found that 100mg per Kg per day was effective “to mitigate most age-associated physiological declines in mice” the study states that the equivalent daily dosage in a human would be 8 mg per kilogram of body weight, based on this study I put together the below NMN Dosage calculator.

Dosage Recommendations from NMN Supplement Companies

After reviewing studies, supplement companies are another excellent source to determine optimal dosage; below, I have listed the recommended dosage and serving size from various NMN Brands; as you will see, they vary widely.


DoNotAge doesn’t recommend a dosage; however, a container of their NMN states a serving of two capsules or 1g. 


NMN Bio recommends the following dosages based on age:

Under 35Start 250 mg daily, increase to 500 mg daily
Over 35Start 500 mg daily increase to 1g daily


Hello100 Recommends a daily NMN dosage based on the below table:

AgeStandard Body Weight
62 Kg90 kg
Less than 50~500mg~750mg
Greater than 50~750mg~1000mg


Novos Recommends against taking dosages larger than 1,000mg and recommends a dose between 250mg and 500mg daily, stating that 250mg daily should provide good health benefits. 

Youth & Earth

Youth & Earth recommends using either age or weight to guide your NMN dosage, which they have listed as follows:

Youth & Earth Age-Based Dosage

AgeDaily Dosage
30-40 Years Old200-400mg
40-50 Years Old400-600mg
50-60 Years Old600-800mg
Over 60 Years Old800-1200mg

Youth & Earth Weight-Based Dosage

WeightDaily Dosage
50 kg400mg

What do Longevity Researchers and Experts Take?

David Sinclair: In the supplement stack page from his book (page 304), David states he takes 1,000 mg daily.

Andrew Huberman: On a recent podcast (March 2023) with Joe Rogan, Andrew stated he takes 2,000 mg of Renue by Science sublingual NMN daily.

Conclusion What is the Optimal dose of NMN for Health and Longevity 

When considering all the known sources for the optimal dosage of NMN, there is yet to be a definitive answer; more studies need to build up a body of evidence on the best dosage based on multiple factors like age, weight, lifestyle, health, and genetics.

If you are already taking or plan to start taking NMN and other longevity supplements, you need to do so knowing that this field and biohacking are in their infancy, and you need to make decisions based on the latest research along with regular bloodwork and consultation with your medical practitioner.

I believe the Japanese study that estimated 8mg per kg of body weight in humans is a good starting point at which you can then tweak your dosage based on age and other factors; for instance, if you weigh 90kg and are over 60 years old, you might want to start with the base rate of 90 x 8mg which is 720mg and then add an extra 25-50% which would bring your dosage to between 900mg and 1080mg daily, This is just an example of how you might formulate a dosage strategy, however again I recommend doing this in consultation with your medical practitioner.

I recommend using my NMN dosage calculator as a starting point. From there, you can use this and your doctor’s advice to develop a personalized dosage to include other factors, such as age, medical conditions, and genetics.

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