US FDA Bans NMN use as Supplement what’s my take on the Ban

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If you keep a close watch on longevity news , you would have seen over the weekend that the FDA banned the use of β-NMN beta-nicotinamide mononucleotide as a supplement, so what’s my take on the announcement and what’s next?

My Thoughts and Take on NMN being Excluded as a Supplement (Removal from NDI)

  • This ban if its enforced will only affect US suppliers, there are many suppliers outside of the US selling NMN, for Instance DoNotAge who are regarded as the as having the purest and for being the most ethical brands of Longevity supplements.
  • Its yet to be seen if NMN is actually banned for sale in the US as a supplement, you might remember the FDA made a similar ruling in regards to N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) which caused many retailers including Amazon to stop selling the supplement, however after some discussion and legal challenges the FDA announced enforcement discretion, meaning NAC could once again be sold as a supplement, after which US sellers including Amazon started selling it again.
  • Regardless of how things go, if you are based in the US and NMN is an important part of your supplement stack or plan to add the supplement to your stack I would highly recommend stocking up as soon as possible. Personally, I am based in Australia and have no short-term concern, however usually Australia’s TGA (Therapeutic Good Administration) follows the FDA very closely and if a similar ruling is announced by the TGA I will be stocking up.
  • Given this announcement there has been some concern as to if supplement companies have enough NMN on hand should there be a rush to purchase before any ban may take effect, the good news is I have been informed by DoNotAge that for now they have high stock levels.

What is NMN?

If you are reading this post you most likley already know what NMN is but for those that don’t its been seen as one of the leading NAD boosting supplements which may help to decrease the rate at which we age and also may increase healthspan, which is the length or porportian of our life in which we are healthy with the goal to be as healthy as possible up until the end of our life. If NMN is new to you you may be interested in reading my article The Ultimate Guide to NMN Benefits, Side Effects, Dosage and Cost and also the following related articles David Sinclair’s Supplement List and Longevity Protocol and DoNotAge Coupon Code

Has NMN Been Banned in the US?

Technically Yes however the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not made any formal announcments or advice to supplement brands to stop selling. For background the FDA ruled that due to proprietary from of NMN called MIB-626 being investigated as a pharmaceutical drug by MetroBiotech that NMN should no longer have supplement status but as of 17 November 2022 it has not been banned.

Is NMN still Available for sale in the US?

Yes at the moment NMN is available for sale in the US, the big supplement companies in the US that market and sell NMN such as Renue By Science, ProHealth Longevity, Eternum Labs are still selling NMN and they plan to fight the FDA ruling.

Many NMN companies have seen US based consumers stocking up on NMN in case of a possible ban, so at the moment there may be more of a risk of non-availability due to running out of stock than a ban for now.

If NMN is Banned and I live in the US will I still be able to purchase NMN?

There are several high quality NMN brands from overseas, in fact one of my personal favourite brands DoNotAge is based in the UK and they have many US customers. If a ban is put in place it should be possible to order from companies such as DoNotAge, However it would need to be seen if imports would be seized on arrival in the US.

What is NMN and why are Biohackers and Supplement companies Upset about this decision?

Nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) is a supplement that has recently come to light as an anti-aging product showing significant longevity benefits out of in vivo studies. As a precursor to NAD+ these studies have shown that supplementing with NMN boosts NAD+ production in turn reversing many of the effects of NAD+ depletion that include downregulation of energy production in mitochondria, oxidative stress, DNA damage, cognitive impairment and inflammatory conditions.

NMN has been seen one of a few longevity supplements with real potential as an Anti-Aging drug, with many studies and research showing reversal of the hallmarks of aging when supplementing with NMN.

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What is my personal opinion is David Sinclair Responsible for NMN being Banned by the FDA?

While Dr David Sinclair is a co-founder of Metro International Biotech LLC (MetroBiotech) it would be hard to know if he was personally responsible for this ban, MetroBiotech is a large company that operates under its own governance model that an individual who may or may not have controlling interests in can influence.

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