Storing my DoNotAge NMN Powder in the refrigerator to maximise life

How to Store NMN: Mistakes to Avoid and Best Practices to Follow

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Have you ever found yourself wondering about how to store NMN? You’re not alone I get this question quite often, I have also heard a few stories of people mishandeling this valuable supplement, such as storing on near a window or on their microwave. Don’t let that be your story!

In this guide, we’ll unravel the do’s and don’ts of proper NMN storage, the lifespan of NMN, and what top manufacturers recommend. Buckle up for some enlightening insights you can’t afford to miss!

NMN Storage Key Takeaways

  • Keep your NMN away from sunlight, humidity and excessive heat and refrigerate if you can.
  • Follow manafacturers instuctions on storage as shelf life.
  • Keep container sealed and airtight to prevent contamination and reduce the chance of environmental factors degrading your NMN.
  • Decant bulk NMN in to smaller containers to prevent dedegredation from heat and condensation
  • Most NMN manafacturered today is considered to be in stabilized form and manafactuers claim can be stored at room temprature
  • NMN mixed with water should be consumed quickly as studies show it will degrade within a week.
  • Renue by Science claim that their NMN stored at room temprature for 2 years still has a purity of 93%
  • Ensure whichever brand you purchase from supplies third-party testing results, It doesn’t matter how you store your NMN, if it is fake or of very low purity.

How should NMN be stored?

It’s crucial that NMN powders be stored correctly to maintain their effectiveness. Whether that’s in a cool, dry place or possibly even the fridge. Being sensitive to heat, light, and moisture, you’d want your NMN out of sunlight and away from heat sources. A dark cupboard should do the trick.

If you’re using high-quality NMN powder from a reputable manufacturer, room temperature might suffice. But if you choose to store it in the freezer or refrigerator for extra assurance, ensure it’s well sealed to avoid moisture creeping in with frequent opening and closing. A desiccant packet or silica gel can be useful too–they’ll absorb any excess moisture inside the container.

Remember these points and your NMN will remain potent and stable!

How long does NMN last?

Depending on several factors, the potency of this supplement can last from a few months up to half a year. NMN powders, such as those manufactured by Effepharm, retain 100% potency for three months and over 98% for six months at temperatures ranging from 39°F to 104°F (3.8°C 40°C). However, be aware that high temperatures and lower pH levels may accelerate degradation. Some studies suggest NMN can lose about 10% of its activity after just one day in these conditions.

It’s crucial to check the expiration date and storage instructions on your NMN powder label before use. You could also conduct a simple quality test by dissolving some powder in water – pure NMN should be almost pure white, while degraded NMN might turn brown or yellow.

Avoiding condensation by decanting larger batches of NMN powder into smaller containers

Personally when I purchase NMN in bulk i.e. 6 or more moths supple (like the NMN you see in the above photo) I split the batch into smaller containers, this reduces the amount of moisture and air that can affect it each time I remove from the refrigerate measure out my daily dose. For example, for the 183 gram container of DoNotAge NMN powder that is in the above photo, I always decant into four containers, which will contain around 45grams of NMN and will last approximaly 1.5 months . These containers will then be stored at the back of the refrigerator.

I also label each jar with its decant date and opening date. This way, you’ll know how long it’s been exposed and can use it within an appropriate time frame, by redistributing my NMN powder this way, I am not just avoiding condensation but also ensuring maximum potency for longer periods.

What do the manufacturers like Effepharm say about storing NMN?

Effepharm, a leading manufacturer, asserts that their products remain stable at room temperature for over two years. They attribute this stability to their synthetic production methods, which result in fewer impurities and greater output than other approaches. That’s why you’re not required to refrigerate their Uthever® brand NMN powders.

But remember, different brands have different storage recommendations. For instance, Novoceuticals suggests storing their NovoNMN products below 82°F (28°C) which they believe is the temprater where there is a significant rate of degredation. This variance in guidelines is why it’s crucial you heed the instructions on your product’s label. Don’t hesitate to reach out to the manufacturer if you’ve got queries or concerns. Novoceuticals go on to say that eventhough some manafacturers have stated their NMN is stable at shelf tempratures they believe the scientific evidience behind many of these claims is limited.

Lastly, consider third-party testing results when choosing NMN brands; they’ll help validate a product’s quality and safety claims.

NMN Storage Frequently Asked Questions

Can NMN Powders Lose Potency if Not Stored Properly?

Yes, you’re right. If you don’t store NMN powders properly, they can lose potency. Exposure to heat, light or moisture can degrade their quality. So it’s crucial to follow correct storage practices.

Is There Any Risk Associated With Consuming NMN Powders That Have Been Improperly Stored?

Yes, there’s a risk. If you consume improperly stored NMN powders, they might’ve lost potency or become contaminated. Always ensure to store your supplements correctly for safety and maximum effectiveness.

Are There Specific Brands of NMN Powders That Require Special Storage Conditions?

You’re probably wondering if specific brands of NMN powders demand special storage. Well, generally, they don’t. Most can be stored at room temperature away from light and moisture, but always check the manufacturer’s instructions.

Can NMN Powders Be Stored in the Freezer for Extended Longevity?

Yes, you can store NMN powders in the freezer for extended longevity. However, it’s crucial to ensure the container is airtight to avoid moisture contamination which could degrade the product over time.

What Are the Signs That NMN Powder Has Been Compromised Due to Improper Storage?

Imagine opening your NMN powder jar and seeing clumped, discolored granules instead of a smooth, white powder. That’s a sure sign it’s been compromised due to improper storage. A changed smell is another giveaway.

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